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These Kings & Queens are retired and living their best lives!

When WRC buys a Maine Coon cat or kitten they are at their forever home.

Forever taken care of and loved. 


Blue Lion

Blue Lion is a very big girl, with a majestic regal aura about her. Always sits or lays with her head held high. Truly patient and will wait for your attention. She loves to play and run through the house. Blue Lion is one of those cats when speaking, you need actually listen because she is legitimately telling you something or bringing your attention to a problem.

Color: Blue Silver Tabby

Retired Queen


Cassia is absurdly smart and has very humanistic traits. She opens just about any door, pulls or twists your hair.....if she likes you. She can be very silly at times and knows every word you're saying to her. She is very carefree and gets along with everyone. But because of birthing complications that lead to a c-section, I decided to retire her. The fear of possibly losing her and her sadness over the complications trumped everything else. Now she hangs out, plays, and follows me everywhere. She is very happy with life!

Color: Blue/Crème Tortie

Litters: R



Venus is a retired queen. She is a beautiful mascot because of her color. She is the mom to Cassia. Venus is literally done with boys and will not tolerate them stepping out of line. She is very vocal and has the up most respect from all my other girls in the cattery. She is now living life at her own leisure.  

Color: Calico

Blue Lion
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