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All cats and breeding rights are owned by Wind River Coons. All breeding programs stay inside the cattery. All kittens are sold within the USA. Kittens are sold as pets with no show/breeding rights at this time. A closed cattery means the cats in the cattery are not exposed to any cats outside of that cattery. This means the cattery doesn't stud out males to other breeders, and it doesn't allow females to be bred with males outside the cattery. It is very important to know if a cattery is open or closed and if it's based on breeding policies or visitation policies. Wind River Coon Cattery is always open for questions, advice, or concerns you may have with your new kitten or inquiries about adding a Maine Coon kitten into your life. All of these kittens are raised in a home atmosphere, with so much time, love, and hours of interaction along the side of their mom in raising them and introducing them to life. Wind River Coons will always have an interest in the welfare of its sold kittens and will always be available for any help or advice you may need.

Visiting the cattery is by appointment only. There are no visits allowed until the kittens have had their first vaccines. There is a very real concern about introducing illnesses to the kittens, particularly if there are unvaccinated kittens on the premises. Buyers are allowed to pick up in person if they choose. The cattery and breeding cats are not allowed to be toured. Although, the parents of the litters are always made available to see.

If you are interested in buying a kitten you can always contact Wind River Maine Coon Cattery Facebook page, as this page is very active and responsive to questions, or you can email


The process of getting a kitten is simple. Fill out the kitten survey and look over the contract. Send the survey back to me via email ( The kittens are posted at 4 or 5 weeks of age. I do not hold kittens without a deposit or take deposits prior to a litter being born. If there is a kitten you’re interested in, putting a deposit in and reserving it, is the best way to secure it otherwise it will still be available.  The deposit is $300.00 non-refundable, but in the event, you change your mind or want something else, you may roll the deposit over to the next available litter. Giving you first pick in the order your deposit was received, otherwise it is nonrefundable. The deposit is applied to the kitten cost. Deposit should be made to my PayPal, please take note as you will be charged a PayPal fee. The remaining balance owed may also be paid through PayPal otherwise payment should be in cash when you pick up your kitten. It is expected that a kitten will be picked up on the date that is agreed upon by the buyer and myself. Unless prior arrangements have been made for a different date, the kitten will be rehomed and the deposit forfeited or rolled over to the next available litter. If communication has stopped from the buyer the kitten involved will be rehomed, and the buyer will no longer be able to purchase kittens from Wind River Coons Cattery.

Please do not send money for deposit without talking to me first!

At this time, I do not ship kittens. If you fly in to pick up your kitten, you can either come to WRC, or I can meet you at the airport, otherwise pick up is at WCR.

Additionally, one of my previous buyers (now friend) frequently drives to New York and back. She has offered her services and can transport kittens if you are anywhere nearby her route. This will only work if she is making a road trip when there are kittens available. 

Kittens are ready to go to their forever homes between 13 and 14 weeks. They will have all required shots, be microchipped, and have registration slips after they have been neutered/spayed. All Maine Coons are being offered/sold as a pet only. NO Declawing. Health and sales contract and all vet exams will be sent with the kitten. Your kitten will also be sent with a week’s worth of food they are currently eating, both dry and wet, some favorite toys, yummy treats, and more.  

When picking up your kitten you will need to bring a pet carrier. If you come to pick up your kitten with a less than satisfactory pet carrier, you will need to drive to Walmart, 69 miles away, or you buy a carrier from me, either new or used for the purchase price. I expect the carrier to have a door and fit the needs of your kitten for their ride home.

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