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Wind River Coons

European Bloodlines

Changing your world

One Kitten at a time



The Maine Coon is a majestic breed that stands by itself, there is no other breed of the feline world that is like the Maine Coon.

My name is Pamela, I am the founder and owner of Wind River Coons. My cattery was born in Wyoming on the gorgeous Wind River, in a beautiful log home surrounded by incredible wildlife, mountain air, and the sound of the Wind River flowing creating a flawless atmosphere for the cattery. The first litter was planned and born in time for Christmas creating the perfect gift, Christmas kittens! Wind River Coons was then introduced to the public and that’s when the cattery began. Never did I think this was going to turn into what it is today. A home atmosphere designed all for the love of Maine Coons.

I don’t know what I would do without all my beautiful coons. They have been through lots of life lessons with me, and I absolutely love every single one. Each has its own personality and I enjoy seeing those traits being passed down to the kittens. Not only that, but it’s also wonderful to witness that spark between a kitten and their new owner.

From the beginning, felines have always been a highly intelligent species, but the Maine Coon takes it to a higher level. Their ability to problem-solve, or to comprehend, humanistic communication is an astonishing skill. Their ability to learn, and even more their ability to want to learn, amazes me more and more every day. They memorize or imprint you to memory by touching and smelling your face. They have the amazing ability to show empathy. Maine Coons know they are smart, underestimating or insulting their intelligence (unintentionally of course) can hurt their feelings. They have powerful personalities and I always get the question, "What makes their personality different from other felines?” I always answer as "truly you have to experience a Maine Coon firsthand to understand how majestic and amazing this breed is.” This pricey cat will become priceless, and you will never regret the decision of bringing a Maine Coon into your life.

Wind River Coons specializes in purebred Maine Coons with strong European bloodlines and a lineage of champions throughout their pedigrees. Staying true to the Maine Coon look the breeding is focused on health, size, personality, and a strong feral distinguished look that the Maine Coon breed owns. Every cat and kitten’s health, and happiness are priorities here at Wind River Coons. We strive to make the finest Maine Coon pet that you could ever wish for!

From all of us here, have a ‘meowoutiful’ day.

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